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Guidelines from the CYPRUS GOVERNMENT regarding CORONAVIRUS suggest that ALL Bars & Cafes will remain closed from

MONDAY 16th MARCH 2020 until AT LEAST May 21st 2020.


The information & advice changes daily so I will update this site with what I know, when I know it - APOLOGIES for disruption to your enjoyment, but health is much more important than entertainment at this difficult time for everyone.


See you on the other side


WE WILL BE BACK - see you all soon - stay safe





The HEALTH & SAFTEY of EVERYONE attending our shows is our number one priority.


In order to prevent the contamination and spread of any virus we will be taking the following steps:-


  1. All microphones will be sanitised by the host using specialist antibacterial microphone spray prior to the first use at the show and at the end of every event.

  2. ALL customers wishing to sing will need to bring THEIR OWN REUSABLE HANDHELD MICROPHONE WINDSHIELD.  They will need to fit this to the microphone prior to their performance and remove it after their performance. 
    (REUSABLE WINDSHIELDS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT THE PRICE OF €1.00 – subject to availability, they are also available locally and on Amazon) –
    NO WIND SHIELD means NO PARTICIPATION unfortunately.

  3. ALL customers wishing to sing will need to wear surgical gloves whilst they are using the microphone.
    It is the responsibility of each singer to bring their own gloves to the stage and maintain high standards of hygiene to avoid possible cross-contamination (Surgical gloves are widely available locally and are preferable to wipes which may cause damage to the microphones).

  4. Where more than one performer is on stage, we ask that you try to remain a minimum of 2 metres apart.  We allow a maximum of 2 people on stage at any time.

  5. Cigarettes and open containers (glasses or bottles) containing liquids are prohibited from the stage/ performance area.

We will continue to try our best to keep you safe and entertained and apologise for any inconvenience or disruption to your enjoyment or participation the above policy presents to you.  We thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and continued support.  STAY SAFE – KEEP SINGING!

© 2011 - 2019 by Jim Outram - The Music Man Cyprus

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